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There are three ways to play. You can play against the computer, you can play against other users online or you can play via the Android applicaiton. Please also try out Bhabhi Cards World, Getaway Card Game and War Cards!


Bhabhi Card Game Rules

The following gives details on how to play Bhabhi Card Game is played and the Rules of Bhabhi Card Game.


Game requires at least two players, but not enjoyable unless there's at least 3.

Game played with one or more deck depending on the amount of players.

Cards are ranked from highest to lowest as A K Q J 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2.

Game Play

Dealer deals entire deck(s) to all players starting at last winner or himself if it is the first game or person to his right if dealer not playing.

Number of decks used depends on number of players, e.g. One deck for 10 players means 5 to 6 cards each, which would not be much fun, so add another deck.

Players look at there cards.

Player with the Ace of Spades starts the game by putting in pile at the middle.

Players go clockwise placing a card of same suite. If a player does not have a card matching the play suite, they may throw in any card at their turn, and player with the highest card of the original suite must then pick up. IMPORTANT: You cannot lie!

If play goes until all players have placed a card in the middle, then the cards in the middle are placed aside and the player that had thrown the highest card will now deal.

Once a player is rid of all their cards, they stop playing.

The last player to still have cards is referred to as "Bhabhi."

Special Circumstances:

A player may choose to take another players cards during game play. This may be useful if the new cards contain low numbers that otherwise would be put aside.

If player finishes his/her cards but threw the highest card in the previous set, he/she must either select a card from another person (all players or next player in line) or pick up a card from the pile of discarded cards.


Bhabhi is known just as Bhabhi, but the name is often misspelled. Common misspellings include: pabhi, phabhi, phabi, pabi, babhi, babi, and bhabi. The misspelling is due to the nature of Punjabi (Sanskrit) writing, but I have it on good authority that the correct spelling is "Bhabhi."

Example Game Play

Here's a sample game to help you understand how the game is played:

Three players, players A B C, player A has Ace of Spades.

A throws Ace Spades, B throws Q Spades, C throws 3 Spades.
Pile consisting of A Spades, Q Spades and 3 Spades put aside (out of play).

A is still dealer.
A throws 2 Spades, B throws 4 Spades, C throws Ace Hearts.
B must now pickup the 2 Spades, 4 Spades and Ace Hearts.

B is new dealer.
B throws 2 Hearts, C throws K Hearts, A throws Q Hearts.
Pile put aside.

C is new dealer.
... etc. until all players but one have cards left ...

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